Welcome to Kinbrae House and thank you for choosing to stay with us for your holiday in Cornwall. We hope that you have a wonderful stay and find that your apartment or the studio is to your liking.

If there is anything that you need during your stay please do not hesitate to ask. If we are not at Kinbrae House please call Tamara on 01326 315529 during working hours to discuss your requirements and we will do our best to ensure that your requests are met as quickly as possible.

In case of emergency out side office hours please call Tamara on 01326 315529 or 07960 742889.

Our change over day is Friday. We have four one bedroom apartments and an open plan studio available on a minimum 7 night stay.

Our luxury self catering holiday apartments and studio are available from Friday afternoon from 5pm to the following Friday morning. We ask that you vacate no later than 9am on the day of departure, leaving your apartment or the studio clean and tidy, as you found it, reporting any damage or breakages to us as soon as possible. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and cooperation.


Please read our terms and conditions carefully. A contract between you and Kinbrae House is made on the date you reserve an apartment or the studio and this is a binding contract. We therefore recommend that all guests take out suitable holiday insurance to cover them in the event that they have to cancel.


Our weekly stays start on a Friday unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking.  Check-in is up to you as you will be able to enter the property and access your apartment or the studio from 5.00 pm. You can access Kinbrae House by using the YALE REAL LIVING digital lock with your unique entrance code. Once in the entrance hall you can access your apartment key safe where you will find your set of apartment or studio keys.

If you arrive before 5.00pm then you are welcome to park your car in the car park after 12 noon and return to Kinbrae House after 5.00pm when your apartment will be ready for you.  You will be given arrival instructions once your booking has been confirmed and full payment has been received. We are not able to check you in personally so thank you for your understanding.

At the end of your stay at Kinbrae House, please ensure that you are ready to leave your apartment or the studio no later than 09.00 am on the agreed day of your departure. Please make sure that you leave your apartment or the studio in a clean and tidy state with all washing up done, dried and put away and rubbish taken outside to the general waste and recycle bins provided in our car park, the bed stripped and towels placed in the special Covid – 19 laundry bags and left in the shower enclosure or bath.

A minimum cleaning charge of £50.00 will be taken if guests have not left their accommodation in a clean and tidy state, as per our terms.

Please report any damage or breakages to us at the time of leaving or during your stay if they require immediate attention.


Our Apartments and the studio can be reserved online subject to availability by clicking the booking button on the apartment of your choice or the studio. You can select the date of arrival and departure which will indicate the cost of your stay. You can either make an on line booking or you can contact us by phone or email with your required dates and the apartment of your choice so that we can arrange your booking.

A non refundable deposit of 25% will be taken at the time of making a booking. This can either be paid on line through our online booking system or you can pay by electronic banking. We do not accept cheques. 

We require a refundable security deposit of £150 for all of our apartments and studio at the time of paying the balance of your stay. We will return the deposit at the end of your stay so long as your apartment or the studio has been left in a clean and tidy state. We thank you in anticipation for leaving your apartment or the studio in a respectful state on departure, reporting any breakages to us during your stay. You will be responsible for all breakages and losses in your apartment or the studio and if the damage or loss is greater than the security deposit you will be charged for the cost of repairs and replacement. 

Alternatively you may wish to book through one of the on line booking agents that we advertise with.


We handle all of our bookings and will explain the registration policy to you at the time of reserving the apartment of your choice or the studio. If you have booked through an on line agent they will send you directions and instructions on how to enter the property once you have paid the full cost of your stay. After receiving full payment you will be sent arrival instructions.


When booking directly with us we will ask for a non refundable 25% booking deposit to reserve your apartment. Should you wish to cancel for any reason within 24 hours of making your booking we will return your deposit. However after 24 hours your non refundable deposit will not be returned so we do advise guests to take out appropriate holiday travel insurance. (If the cancellation or postponement is Covid-19 related then a full refund or postponement will be permitted up to 24 hours before the start of your stay – see special Covid-19 cancellation and postponement policy on the home page)

The balance of your stay must be paid no later than 8 weeks before your arrival and we will invoice you accordingly. If you reserve within an 8 week period of your planned arrival we will invoice you for the entire cost of your stay at the time of booking. 

If you wish to postpone or re book your stay with us for non Covid 19 reasons, then you must contact us in writing no later than 28 days before your arrival and we will move your booking to a more suitable time for you so long as we have availability. If the week that you choose is more costly than your booking then you will have to pay the additional cost at the time of changing the booking. There is a £25.00 administration cost for doing this.

However, if you do not notify us in writing 28 days or more before your stay and wish to postpone or cancel your booking you will have to pay the full cost of the booking. If we are able to re-sell your reserved booking we will refund the balance only of the booking cost to you less a £25 cancellation administration fee. Your non refundable deposit will not be returned to you and why we cannot stress enough the importance of taking out a suitable travel insurance for this reason.


In these very uncertain times of the Corona virus Pandemic many insurance companies will no longer provide travel and holiday cover for this virus on a standard policy. However, there are companies such as SAGA who can provide cover for this so its worth looking for the best available policy if you plan to travel a lot during this pandemic.  

Until the end of 2021 we will still be taking the usual non refundable 25% deposits for reservations but this will be refundable if the reasons for the cancellation are Covid-19 related. We are offering a free cancellation policy if the reason for cancelling your trip is due to the Corona Virus outbreak. This will include our inability to provide accommodation for you in the event of another lock-down or if there are travel restrictions imposed in our or your area of the country or if our team become unwell and are unable to service the property for your forthcoming stay, or an unwell guest has had to remain at Kinbrae House to self isolate until they are well enough to travel home. We thank you for your understanding if any of these circumstances unfortunately arise. 

If there is another enforced lock down during this season, we can either refund your booking payments and deposit or postpone your booking to an advanced date when unessential travel is once more allowed, this would be at no cost to you but seasonal tariffs will apply. The postponement will be valid for up to 12 months from the date of your planned stay. 

If you are unable to travel due to enforced self isolation caused by the Corona Virus then you will need to provide us with a medical certificate and we will move your booking to another date when you are well enough to take a holiday.  This is only whilst this pandemic is ongoing.

If your stay is moved to the same date 12 months later the cost of your booking will not increase and your deposit and or full payment will secure your booking. If you decide to move your booking to another time or change apartments and the cost of the stay is more than your booked week then you would obviously have to pay the difference, if it is less expensive then you would be charged the lower sum.

On line booking agents that we advertise with will explain the terms and condition of your booking at the time of reserving the apartment of your choice or the studio with them.


We provide one complimentary parking space for you during your stay with us. Please ensure that you park in an allocated space.

Cars and their contents are parked entirely at the car owners’ risk in Kinbrae House private car park. We are not responsible for loss or damage to your car whilst parked in the car park at Kinbrae House.

Should friends visit you whilst staying at Kinbrae House please can you ask them not to park in the car park. There is plenty of free street parking on Gyllyngvase Road and Gyllyngvase Terrace. All the spaces in our car park are allocated to each apartment and the studio. By all means your guests can use your space if you do not have a car with you. We thank you for your understanding and consideration to other guests using the car park.

If you have an overly large vehicle please let us know at the time of reserving and we can direct where you should ideally park in the car park, this being in front of the bin store.


General Waste and Recycling Bins are provided in the car park at Kinbrae House for the disposal of your waste and recycling. Please can you ensure that you empty your general waste bin and put your clean recycling in the bins provided during and at the end of your stay.

In Cornwall businesses have to use private waste management companies and not council waste collection services. We had to find a suitable firm to collect our waste who are in tune with modern processes and who care about the environment. We happily found Chenoweth Trading who are an ECO friendly waste management company based on the Roseland. They collect our waste on a Friday using small vehicles not massive garbage trucks and take the waste back to their plant where everything is sorted by hand, cleansed and sent to the respective recycling centres for reuse and processing. Any items that cannot be recycled are packed up and delivered to a local energy plant where the waste is incinerated to create electricity. So rest assured that when staying at Kinbrae House none of your waste will end up as Cornish landfill.

We are very proud that we have a company like Chenoweth to hand and hope that other waste management companies throughout Cornwall and beyond will start to deal with waste in the same way. We are at a time in our planet’s history when if everyone does their bit to reduce, reuse, recycle we have a chance to turn this awful situation around. As surfers David and Tamara are sickened by the amount of plastic that ends up in the sea and in hedgerows all of which is impacting on the wonder of nature in Cornwall and the rest of the world. We have to stop using single use plastic and start to think greener and cleaner. Buy a refill cup if you haven’t already got one for example……

In Cornwall we recycle plastic and tin together, glass and textiles together and cardboard and paper together. Please respect the environment and wash your plastic containers and packaging, tins and bottles before placing in the bins. Please use the recycle bins at your discretion.

Water is a very scarce commodity in Cornwall and the rest of the UK where there is growing pressure on our reservoirs every year. Please respect how much fresh water you use during your holiday in Cornwall and when at home. You will see an egg timer in the shower, so have a go and turn off the water when you soap and rinse off. We are surprised how much water we are saving using the timer and also by turning off the tap when brushing our teeth. Water is so precious to us all, so don’t waste it.

We hope that you enjoy your stay but please make sure that you respect the privacy and enjoyment of other guests at Kinbrae House and in the surrounding area by being courteous about avoiding strong cooking smells, loud noise generation in your apartment and the studio and when entering and leaving the property late at night or early in the morning.

Gyllyngvase is a lovely quiet residential area at night and a busy sociable place by day being so close to the beach. Noise travels far at night so please make sure that you return to Kinbrae House as quietly as possible at night so as not to disturb the neighbourhood.

We reserve the right to ask guests to leave Kinbrae House with immediate effect should they be found to be involved or party to any illegal dealings or immoral behavior during their stay here.


We reserve the right to make a charge for any damage caused to your apartment, the studio or public areas, this includes damage caused from spillages, cooking burns to surfaces and personal sickness or accidents. This will be for the full cost of replacement and repair work. Please check the inventory for the apartment or studio that you are staying in at the time of your arrival. You will be responsible for covering the cost of lost or damaged items and repairs to the apartment or studio from any damage caused during your stay.

If extensive damage has been caused by you during your stay you will be charged for rehousing our next guests should the apartment or studio not be serviceable. If the damage has been caused deliberately then you will have to face criminal charges and all costs to effect the repairs and replacement must be met by you.  We apologise for having to state this in our terms but sadly not everyone treats rental accommodation with the respect that is needed.

We are a strictly non-smoking non- vaping establishment including the car park and garden areas. Should you smoke in your apartment or the studio then the fire alarm system will alert that smoke is in the building.  There will be an instant charge made to you for £200  as we will have to have your apartment or the studio’s soft furnishings professionally cleaned. You will be asked to immediately leave before the end of your stay without reimbursement of the rental charge.

Electrical and other failures, should they occur during your stay, must be reported immediately to David and Tamara or our managing agent. Please do not attempt to effect a repair yourselves.

Kinbrae House management accept no responsibility for loss or damage to persons and/or their personal effects whilst staying at Kinbrae House. A personal digital safe is provided in each apartment and the studio for valuables.


Due to the age of Kinbrae House, the design of the entrance and apartment layouts we are not able to easily accommodate persons in wheelchairs or with other severe mobility issues. Please let us know at the time of booking your specific needs so that we can provide a solution where possible to accommodate you.

I …………………………………….  agree to the above terms and conditions for staying at Kinbrae House

Signature……………………………………………………….                    Date: ……/……./………….


COVID – 19


Please remember that there are still active cases of Covid -19 in all areas of the UK. Keep yourself and others safe by practicing social distancing at all times.

  • Now that unessential travel restrictions have been eased by the Government and we are permitted to re-open to accommodate guests the following measures will be taken by us and we ask our guests to please follow these.
  • Guests must not travel to Cornwall if they are presenting any symptoms of Covid -19. This is for a 14 day minimum period before departure. 
  • Guests who are unable to travel due to becoming unwell or presenting symptoms may postpone their booking free of charge up to the day of arrival to another week later in the year or next year ( For up to 12 months. Tariffs for change of season will apply)
  • On arrival and each time guests return to the property they must use the hand sanitiser dispenser before entering and touching the digital entrance lock and door handles. 
  • We are installing two more hand sanitiser stations in the entrance hall and landing and we ask that all guests use these when leaving their apartment before touching the stair hand rail and entrance door handle and lock. 
  • The door handles, key safes, stair hand rail and cloakroom will be sanitised on Friday of each change over week. 
  • The hall and stairs will be disinfected using an aerosol virus control similar to those used on aircraft after guests leave on a Friday morning. 
  • Any apartment that has a same day change over will be fumigated in the same way as the hall and stairs. All surfaces will be sanitised before we commence our normal sparkle cleaning regime. 
  • Apartments will be thoroughly sanitised and cleansed after each departing guest and then made ready for the next incoming guests. The cleaning use both antiviral and antibacterial products to sanitise the apartments and our usual Method eco friendly cleaning products for cleaning.
  • All linen is professionally laundered off premises using hot wash cycles and medical grade disinfectants. The bedding is not used again for at least 2 weeks. 
  • Guests are asked to follow Government guidelines where social distancing measures are still in place when inside the hall and landing areas and the car park of Kinbrae House.  Please wear a mask when using the hall and stair areas.
  • If guests become unwell or present any of the Covid -19 symptoms when staying they must call the hosts immediately.
  • If guests who become unwell have driven then they must pack up and leave Kinbrae House immediately if they are well enough to drive home. The Government are recommending this course of action.
  • Any departing unwell guests must contact the owners to let them know at what time they will be leaving.
  • If guests are to unwell to be unable to return home by car or have traveled to Cornwall on public transport then they must self isolate in their apartment until they are well enough to drive home. Guests will have to pay for the continuation of their stay on a weekly basis Friday to Friday. Guests must notify the owners immediately as arrangements will have to be made for incoming guests. 
  • When leaving their apartment, all guests must strip their bed/s of the fitted sheet, duvet cover and pillow cases, mattress protector pad, first pillow case protector and place these with their towels, bath mat, bathrobes (if requested), tea towels and kitchen cloth into labelled laundry bags found in the wardrobe of their apartment. Please tie off the bags for collection by our staff. Your cooperation with this will help to protect our cleaning staff from handling personally used items. Thank you for your assistance and understanding with this matter.
  • When leaving their apartment we ask guests if they can please wipe down the kitchen surfaces, dining table and door handles with viral sanitiser as provided. Please do not remove these products from your apartment. 
  • We will be providing a “just in case you forgot” PPE pack in each apartment. This will contain a small alcohol based gel hand sanitiser, 2 pairs of gloves, 2 face masks. We ask that if these items are not used that they are left in the apartment. 
  • The sanitising and cleaning regimes are taking approx 25% longer to carry out than normal so we ask that all guests leave Kinbrae House no later than 9am. If you are planning to leave early please let us know so that we can start cleaning your apartment a little earlier.
  • If when you arrive at Kinbrae House and another guest has also just arrived please can you give them priority when taking their bags to their apartment and enter the premises once they have finished using the entrance hall and stairs, ensuring that you are following social distancing regulations. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • We hope that these measures will help to keep you, our other guests and staff safe when at Kinbrae House. 
  • Unfortunately if you do not leave your apartment clean and tidy with washing up put away, your rubbish and recycling removed to the bin store, your bed stripped and all towels and linen placed in the bags provided we will have to charge you a cleaning charge of a minimum of £50.00. 
  • Please refer to our terms and conditions on the website for review before booking; As you will automatically be agreeing to these when you book your apartment. 

I …………………………………….  agree to the above terms and conditions for staying at Kinbrae House during the Covid 19 Health Crisis

Signature……………………………………………………….                    Date: ……/……./………….

David Lee and Tamara Nance
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